A day in the life of the First Aid Training Group Pty Ltd

Australia is a large country and medical and other emergencies happen all the time.  One of our goals is to prepare individuals and organisation to deal with emergencies and ultimately keep themselves safe from harm.

The passion of emergency responders

Most of our trainers come to us with an emergency response background – Paramedics, Nurses, Ambulance First Responders or Firefighters.  Many of our trainers provide training onsite all around Victoria and travel to site.  These customers include wind farms, factories, offices, community groups, new parents, schools and many more organisations. 

Most weeks we run two or three courses at our La Trobe Street office in the John Morris Training room.  This room is dedicated to industry expert, one of our trainers and mentors, John Morris, who died after a long illness.  John was heavily involved in the first aid industry for many decades and served on the Victorian state council of the Australian Resuscitation Council.

Emergencies happen every day

As mentioned one of our goals is to keep individuals and organisations safe. To do this there is a need to prepare for a response. Our emergency managers are positioned to provide analysis and instruction on preparing for the critical phases of response and recovery. 

No one phase is more important than the other i.e. preparedness, response and recovery. Contingencies to recover from emergency events, large and small, can not only mitigate the risk to life, but provide systems and processes to ensure business continuity.


Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Drug and Alcohol testing

More and more organisations are being affected from the impact of illicit drug and alcohol abuse. At the First Aid Training Group we provide drug and alcohol testing throughout Victoria.  This service is offered for pre-employment, post-incident, blanket, and for-cause testing. It seems to be a natural  extension of our mission to help keep people safe. 

Our First Aid and Emergency Control Organisation reach is expanding

It could be on any public course training day when we arrive at work, the Training Centre is buzzing with people.  Ready to learn the important skills our first aid courses cover.  As students line up our very efficient staff sign them in and produce the paperwork to ensure they get a certificate and appropriate recognition.

Each few weeks we also run an Emergency fire warden course.  Now referred to as Emergency Control Organisation  (ECO) courses.  Over the three to five hours of the course we cover

  1. How to operate as part of an emergency control organisation,
  2. Hot lead an emergency control organisation, and
  3. How to small confine workplace emergencies (first attack, fire extinguishers and blankets).

Bookings for our courses can be completed by going to firstaidtraininggroup.com/courses/, by ringing 1300705002 or dropping in our La Trobe Street office.  We are open five days per week and every second Saturday when a course is running.

The show room providing the resources

At our training center at 826 La Trobe Street in Ballarat we have a good stock of both medical and fire safety equipment. Whether for the home or workplace, we stock the resources to support your needs; be that for site work, factories, offices, holidays or remote locations.

We stock the FastAid range of first aid kits and carry ample supplies for restocking kits.  We are also resellers for Cardiac Science, Defibtech and Philips defibrillators.

Daily we take enquiries and orders for resources by phone, web or walk-in clients.  Come in for a browse and chat with our friendly staff.