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Our Mission

We love life and our Mission is plain and simple, yet powerful and potentially life-saving…

“To empower ordinary people to do the extraordinary through exceptional, interactive, confidence-boosting coaching.”

Communicating with our clients and operating in a manner that supports our mission is our goal. Leadership, respect and compassion for our employees and clients is the driver for what we do. If our actions and training sessions help you save a loved one or a colleague during a medical emergency, then we have achieved our mission.

First Aid Training Group Pty Ltd provides professional consulting services and nationally accredited training throughout Victoria. Courses are contextualised for your workplace, highly interactive and engaging, where learners are exposed to realistic simulations, using equipment that they may have to use in a real emergency, such as defibrillators, bandages, fire suppression equipment, alarms and alerting systems, fire indicator panels and more.
Our professional and highly experienced staff provide consulting and advisory services in a wide range of areas including emergency response planning, OHS/WHS, safety management systems and fire safety.

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