A day in the life of the First Aid Training Group Pty Ltd

Australia is a large country and medical and other emergencies happen all the time.  One of our goals is to prepare individuals and organisation to deal with emergencies and ultimately keep themselves safe from harm. The passion of emergency responders Most of our trainers come to us with an emergency response background – Paramedics, Nurses, […]

First aiders are saving lives every day

Every day across Australia paramedics respond to medical emergencies.  More often than not these medical professionals are the second responders, as the first responders are bystanders or loved ones who have received some formal first aid training. Granted, there is a difference in between the skills of these responders, but working together to save lives […]

The modern first aid training course

First aid training gives you the confidence to deal with other emergencies: It’s a normal human reaction to being of the opinion that an emergency won’t happen to you. Emergencies only happen to other people. Well, in reality, it is likely that at least once during your life you will be exposed to some type […]

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