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HCMHA001 - Non Accredited

Apply First Aid for Mental Health

This interactive and engaging course provides individuals with the necessary training to provide important support and guidance to someone experiencing mental health concerns.

Mental Health First Aid courses offered by various first aid training providers are non-accredited.  This course, offered through our Registered Training Organisation, aligns with industry standards.  All students completing the Apply First Aid for Mental Health course will receive a certificate of attendance.

The course covers the following learning outcomes:

  • Understanding Mental Health
  • Intervention and warning signs
  • COPE – Action Plan
  • Mental Health disorders and contributing factors
  • The stigma surrounding Mental Health
  • Statistics
  • Types of Mental Health disorders (anxiety, depression, etc.)
  • Substance misuse + dependence
  • Drug rankings
  • Communication skills

First Aid Training Group can offer this as a private course for a minimum cost of $2000, the equivalent of eight participants.  Additional participants are charged at $250 per person.  Delivery is available via video conference or in person.

Please note: Apply First Aid for Mental Health, like physical first aid, does not train individuals on how to diagnose or treat mental disorders.


Prerequisite: There are no prerequisites for this course.
Cost: $250
Duration: 6 hours face-to-face or via video conference
Recommended renewal: 12 Months
Please Note:Available via online delivery (Zoom) or face-to-face

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