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Keeping Your Workplace Safe: Drug & Alcohol Testing

Why is it so important?

Avoid Legal Liabilities:

‘Take for example a worker who uses crystal methamphetamine, or ‘Ice’ on a regular basis. As we all know, Ice has a number of adverse effects on the human body. It makes a user’s body temperature rise, triggers paranoia, mood swings and violent behaviour, among other things. Now imagine that worker is employed in the industrial sector, operating heavy machinery. If left undetected, that worker could cause an accident that may result in workplace injuries and even death. As an employer, HR or OHS officer, you are responsible for the safety of staff and the general public. Moreover, workplace accidents means higher insurance premiums and even costlier lawsuits,’ (Safe Work Laboratories). This is why drug and alcohol testing is so important in the workplace. It could just save a life.

How can we help?

Drug & Alcohol Testing:

At First Aid Training Group, we provide onsite drug and alcohol testing for a range of large and small businesses Australia-wide. We also offer a drop-in drug and alcohol testing service at our testing facility for pre-employment testing or for employees requiring written clearance before going on-site. As a result, we often test factory workers, mining site employees, construction workers, truck drivers, airport staff and other staff, particularly in safety-sensitive roles.

Drug Screening Types:
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  • Pre-employment testing
  • Post-incident testing
  • Blanket testing
  • Random testing
  • For cause testing
Instant Results:

Obtain instant results with a written summary test report for all screening undertaken.

Our procedure is thorough and our testers have all completed a comprehensive pathology training course in the correct procedures to follow under the Australian Standards.

Implementation/Assistance of a policy in your workplace:

If you intend to start drug and alcohol testing your employees, you should have a policy in place. It should clearly outline the definition for acceptable and unacceptable drug and alcohol use. Details on testing such as when, how and why tests will be conducted, and by whom, should also be stated. Finally, it should outline how results will determine if an employee is unfit for duty and the consequences of a positive test. Employers should take care to include the circumstances where a positive test could result in employee dismissal. All employees should be made aware of the implemented policy.

We can help you implement a drug and alcohol policy for your workplace that complies to regulations.

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