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22282VIC Course in management of asthma risk & emergencies in the workplace

First Aid Training Group’s Asthma Management training course recognises that it is becoming increasingly more important to become Asthma emergency prepared.

“1 in 10 Australians have asthma, across all ages. Any person with asthma can have a flare-up of asthma symptoms at any time.” Asthma Australia

This course meets the required annual update for those in the Education / Child Care industry. A detailed description of the course can be viewed in the most recent version of the Competency Standard.

Fast Facts
  • Duration:   2 Hours
  • Certificate: 3 Years
  • Prerequisites: NIL
  • Cost: $40.00


Our Trainers

All of our trainers are healthcare professionals I.e. Paramedics,
Emergency First Responders, Nurses – specialists in the field, all with REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE!


Learning Objectives

First Aid Training Group’s Asthma Management training course provides participants with the knowledge and skills to be able to develop an Asthma Management Plan and provide asthma related first aid in the workplace including;

    • Develop a Risk Minimisation Strategy and Emergency Management Plan for an asthma episode
    • Recognise the symptoms and potential dangers of an asthma episode
    • Assess the emergency asthma situation taking into consideration the casualty, risks, physical hazards and appropriate response to control the situation
    • Communicate effectively with the asthma casualty to reassure and advise
    • Gather the essential resources and equipment to provide effective first aid to the asthma casualty
    • Demonstrate effective first aid management of an asthma episode
    • Communicate and document the essential details of the emergency asthma incident and the casualty’s condition
    • Follow workplace debriefing policies/procedures
    • Evaluate the effectiveness of the response to the emergency incident and identify possible improvements
    • Facilitate the implementation of improvements to the workplace’s Asthma Emergency Management Plan


Course Details

The face-to-face training is 2 hours and covers both the theory and practical aspects of emergency Asthma Management. Students are required to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to the course commencement or may be refused entry.

Our Asthma Emergency Training Course can be customised to meet your industry requirements.

First Aid Training Group also utilises an Advanced Student Management System to notify clients and students when certificates are due to expire, ensuring staff /students are always compliant and competent.


Certificate Validity

The Asthma Management course certificate is valid for three (3) years from the completion date. An annual refresher is recommended for those in the Education / Child Care industry.

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