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Participate as a member of a Workplace Emergency Response Team – (PUAWER009B)

First Aid Training Group’s Workplace Emergency Response Team training course enables the successful participant to participate as a member of a workplace emergency initial response team or Emergency Response Team (ERT). This team works in conjunction with the emergency control organisation in the control of workplace emergencies in their early stages prior to the arrival of emergency services or a specialist response team.

A detailed description of the course can be viewed in the most recent version of the Competency Standard.

Fast Facts
  • Duration:   2 Days
  • Certificate: 1 Year
  • Prerequisites: NIL
  • Cost: Call 1300 705 002 for a Quote

Our Trainers

All of our trainers are healthcare professionals I.e. Paramedics, Fire Fighters, Emergency First Responders, Nurses – specialists in the field, all with REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Learning Objectives

Are you prepared for an Emergency and compliant to Australian Standards?

The course participant will demonstrate the following;

  • Ability to select and use protective clothing and equipment safely and effectively under emergency conditions
  • Ability to effectively communicate during emergencies
  • Ability to interpret and respond to alarm systems
  • Ability to re-stow initial response equipment
  • Understanding of equipment operating characteristics, limitations, hazards, precautions, procedures and general care
  • Understanding of survival, rescue and recovery procedures
  • Demonstrate tactics for safely handling specific emergencies
  • Understanding of the Hierarchy of Controls
Course Details & Prerequisites

The face-to-face training is 2 days and covers both the theory and practical aspects of operating as part of a Workplace Emergency Response Team (ERT).

All participants are required to be medically fit & clean shaven and must wear safety boots, high visibility long sleeved clothing and trousers (no shorts or skirts).
(Note: Participants are required to be clean shaven to enable a positive seal whilst wearing SCBA equipment as per AS/NZS 1715).

Correct fit of a mask requires contact with smooth skin – this makes masks unsuitable for persons with beards or moustaches. Even a one day growth of a beard has been shown to allow nearly one per cent penetration of a full face-piece.

Certificate Validity

As per AS3745-2010 ‘Planning for Emergencies in Facilities’, training is recommended annually.

Enrolment Information

Once enrolled, First Aid Training Group will email students a Workplace Emergency Response Team booking confirmation with course requirements and terms of enrolment.