Smartphone Breathalyser AlcoLimit BACtrack

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BACtrack is the leader in breathalyser technology, offering a full range of innovative breath alcohol testers for both personal and professional use.

The AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyser is the latest innovation in breath alcohol detection technology and seamlessly connects to your smartphone or Apple Watch via Bluetooth 4.0.

Your %BAC (blood alcohol concentration) is displayed on the phone and Apple Watch via the free app. available in Google Play and the App Store.

The free App provides tools to analyse yours and a friend’s %BAC readings over the course of the night or several weeks. Zeroline guestimates how long it will take your %BAC to reach zero and be safe to drive. You can then upload your results to social media via Facebook and Twitter. Tag each drink you consume from the long list of cocktails, beers and wines in the App, take photos of yourself, friends or our drink to upload with your %BAC results and add messages to let everyone know what a good time you are having!

The AlcoLimit BACtrack also allows you to track and attach notes or photos to your results. What you drank and ate, who you were with, and how you felt; personalize results to make more meaningful.

“The AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyser is not a gadget, it is a professional quality breathalyser providing precise breath alcohol readings.”

Precision is achieved via the Xtend Fuel Cell sensor technology – the same technology used by the Police breathalysers. AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Breathalyser has certified accuracy under Australian Standard AS3547 and has been rigorously tested for its precision and durability.

Before purchasing an AlcoLimit BACtrack Smartphone Mobile breathalyser we recommend you download and install the app to your phone to check compatibility. For phones that are about 1 year old or more you may need to update your mobile device software to the latest version and then the app will work.