Chief Warden Kit



This kit now includes the mandatory essentials you will need during an evacuation procedure.

The kit includes

1 x Large Bag with CHIEF WARDEN KIT printed
1 x 25w Megaphone with Siren feature
1 x Backup Whistle
1 x White Vest with day/night visibility meeting Australian Standards  – marked CHIEF WARDEN front and rear in red text.
1 x White Helmet with day/night high visibility markings marked CHIEF WARDEN front and both L/R sides in red text.
1 x 2 Way multi attached LED torch  / flood light.
1 x 75 Piece First Aid Kit
1 x Safety Glasses
1 x Emergency Hammer with integrated Belt Cutter
1 x Clipboard with Chief Warden label
1 x Notepad
1 x 3 pack White Board markers for door and room clearance markings
1 x Four colour pen
1 x Pencil
1 x High Lighter
1 x Accs Case
4 x Tamper Seals for bag security

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