SKYLOTEC Milan 2.0 HUB Rescue Device

SKYLOTEC Milan 2.0 HUB Rescue Device

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SKYLOTEC Milan 2.0 HUB Rescue Device

The MILAN 2.0 HUB is additionally equipped with a lifting function. This enables an accident victim to be lifted across a short distance, in order to release the victim’s lanyards, after which the victim can then be safely lowered by rope (where the new housing design improves handling for the accompanying rescue). The SUPER STATIC 9.0 static rope fulfils this requirement despite its diameter of only 9 mm.

The packing size of the MILAN 2.0 HUB is small compared to ropes which are 10.5 mm in diameter. This is a major advantage, in particular, at great heights.

Please note: The MILAN Rescue device offers a wide field of applications for different rescue situations. In order to control the rescue techniques, the user has to be instructed by a SKYLOTEC-qualified and specially trained person who is acquainted with the device.


Internat. standard:
ANSI Z359.4:2013, CSA Z259.2.3-1B:2012

Abseiling speed: 0,9 m/s
Abseiling height: 500 m
Max. number of persons: 2
Max. rated load: 260 kg
Temperature: from -35 °C to +60 °C
Suspension element: Coated core rope 9mm
Area of application:
Fire brigade / Rescue / Special Forces, Lift Construction, Power Supplies / -Transmission / Telecommunications, Rope Courses, Wind Energy / Offshore Industry

Weight: 4,88 kg

Aluminium, Steel, Polyamide