Trek VitaMask Disposable Resuscitator, Adult Size


Disposable Bag Mask Resuscitators are made with a lightly-textured PVC bag for sure grip and comfort and a transparent re-breathing valve assembly allows for clear viewing of value function.

  • Meets ISO-8382 and ASTM0920 standards
  • Meets ISO-5356-2 standard
  • Textured surface for slip free operation in wet conditions
  • Faster rebound and less memory material applied for ease of operation
  • Ergo designed shape provides ease of handling and less access force
  • Clear resuscitation bag for ease of observation
  • High efficiency silicone duckbill patient valve minimizes back leakage
  • Provides low inspiratory and expiratory resistance
  • Swivel 15/22mm patient connector
  • 60cmH2O pressure relief for adult model
  • #5 mask size for adult model
  • 32mm reservoir connection for lower intake resistance
  • High efficiency reservoir system provides up to 99% oxygen concentration at low flow
  • Oxygen tubing connection for ease of access
  • Inflatable clear air cushion mask provides better seal, ease of observation during access and also patient comfort

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