Workman® Confined Space Entry Kit

Workman® Confined Space Entry Kit

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Workman® Confined Space Entry Kit

Confined Space Kits come complete with all the essentials required for a safe entry, exit and retrieval from a confined space. Intuitively designed, the Workman® range of products minimises extensive user training and setup time by being simple, easy to use and fast to assemble. Kits come standard with a Workman® Premier Harness (medium), Workman® Tripod, duffel bag and spreader bar.

Kits include all components required for assembly.

Workman® Tripod

The Workman® Tripod is very easy to use. Simple setup makes the process quick and promotes correct operation.
Ease-of-use features:
• Legs automatically lock in open position for added safety.
• Maximum height indicator provides quick and easy identification of maximum leg extension length.
• Accessories attach to any leg for faster setup.
• Aluminium leg and head design reduces weight, improving portability.
• Telescoping legs (up to 8 ft. high) do not tangle when unit is collapsed for easier transportation and storage.

Workman® Winch

The Workman® Winch is rugged, versatile and economical for lifting, lowering and positioning of personnel and materials within confined space applications.
Designed for maximum 140kg workload for personnel and 225kg for materials (20:1 design factor), the Workman® Winch is built with tough thermoplastic housing to ensure high performance within the harshest environments. Winch offers integral, ergonomic carry grip and unique, foldable handle for simple storage. Patent pending bracket design allows for easy, rapid assembly.

Rescue Safe Retrieval System

The Rescue Safe Retrieval System is primary used for raising and lowering people or equipment in rescue, industrial work access and confined space applications.

229090-45.0 3:1 Mechanical Advantage, 15m Travel
229090-60.0 3:1 Mechanical Advantage, 20m Travel
229090-90.0 3:1 Mechanical Advantage, 30m Travel
229485-60.0 4:1 Mechanical Advantage, 15m Travel
229485-80.0 4:1 Mechanical Advantage, 20m Travel
229485-120.0 4:1 Mechanical Advantage, 30m Travel

Workman® Rescuer

MSA’s Workman® Rescuer provides fast, easy and intuitive fall protection with integral bi-directional retrieval capability. Not only does the Workman® Rescuer arrest the fall, its retrieval capability allows the fallen worker to ascend or descend to a safe location. This durable, economical addition to the Workman Series of products offers fast installation and setup, ideal for applications where time and ease of use are a priority. The Workman Rescuer is also a stand-alone retractable device, as the carrying handle may be used as an anchorage attachment.

10158192 Workman® Rescuer, Stainless Steel Cable, 15m

Dynevac® II Self-Retracting Lanyard, Field Resettable Model

Dynevac® II utilises a safety pin feature for field re-set from fall arrest mode to retrieval mode back to fall arrest mode.

10007782 Dynevac®II, 16.0m, Stainless Steel Cable
10007783 Dynevac®II, 30.0m, Stainless Steel Cable


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