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Mandatory Event Questionnaire

This information is required for us to perform a risk assessment under Regulation 46 of the Non-Emergency Patient Transport and First Aid Service Regulations 2021.

"*" indicates required fields

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Start time of the event*
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Bump-in time
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When we are to finish will be different to the event end time
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Will there be the service of alcohol at the event?*
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Will there be water for hydration available onsite?*
Will 240v power be available onsite?*
Do we need to bring a marquee or is there a private, discrete space for us?
Will there be parking available onsite for our event first aid team?*
Will there be vehicle access to the site the team will be stationed?*

If the quote is accepted, we will require a copy of the following:

Event Risk Management Plan, Event Emergency Response Plan, Event Communications Plan, and a contact list for event organisers and staff.