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Sports Strapping – with Matt Pearce (Richmond Football Club) ** Next Session Coming Soon! **

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Introductory to intermediate Sports Strapping course facilitated by Mr. Matt Pearce, head trainer for the Richmond Football Club.

  • Discounts on Victor premium sports tape for all attendees; www.victor-sports.com
  • Discounts on first aid kits
  • Certificate provided
  • Free access to professional course videos to refresh your skills
  • Coffee, tea and light refreshments provided


There is a range of taping techniques that many qualified health professionals use to assist with both the treatment and prevention of sports injuries. It is important understand the different uses of taping and strapping before you attempt it yourself.
Taping has many roles. It can support the ligaments and capsules of unstable joints by limiting excessive or abnormal anatomical movement. Taping also enhances proprioceptive feedback from the limb or joint. Taping can also support injuries at the muscle-tendon units by compressing and limiting movement and secure protective pads, dressings and splints.

Advantages of Sports Taping

Injury Prevention: Sports taping is recognised as one of the best preventative measures for the reduction of injuries in collision sports. These injuries often occur as a result of extrinsic factors such as collision with other players or equipment. Sports taping has also been shown to reduce the severity of injuries, as well as the occurrence of injury in most sports.

Injury Management: Tape is often applied to manage symptoms of chronic injuries such as medial tibial stress syndrome (shin splints) and patella-femoral syndrome amongst many other injuries. Sports tape can be applied to ease pain symptoms as well. Taping along the nerve tract of irritated or inflamed tissue can shorten the inflamed region and significantly reduce pain. Other post-injury benefits include:
  • stabilising and supporting joints after injuries to the muscle or ligament
  • assisting and allowing the athlete to return to activity after minor injuries
  • preventing and reducing further harm to the injured area
  • maintaining proper biomechanics during activity
  • preventing neuromuscular damage
  • reducing force on the area during activity

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Fast Facts
  • Duration:   2 Hours
  • Certificate: Certificate of Attendance
  • Prerequisites: NIL
  • Cost: $50.00

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