Who we are – First Aid Training Group Pty Ltd

Servicing all areas of Victoria. As a matter of fact, the First Aid Training Group aims to provide an exceptionally high standard. Furthermore, our hands-on interactive, meaningful and most importantly confidence-boosting training to all of our participants.

Above all, training is facilitated exclusively by industry professionals. In fact, all with years of real-life experience such as paramedics, firefighters, emergency first responders and nurses. Incidentally, we conduct regular courses in all levels of first aid for all groups and often customize training to suit the needs of our clients.

Subsequently, we employ a very different approach to training through highly interactive blended styles. Our courses captivate and empower participants through confidence-building coaching from start to finish.

Finally, we also provide an extensive range of health and safety-related Services to ensure your organisation. Then, not only meets its regulatory compliance obligations but attains and maintains the highest level of emergency preparedness possible. Anyhow, If you would like further information about who we are please let us know.

First Aid Training Group – “Skills for Life”