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Workplace Safety Coaching

Reduce you LTIs, Foster a ‘Culture of Safety’ within your organisation.

First Aid Training Group offers professional Safety Coaching Services across organisational groups.

Why consider Safety Coaching?

Is your organisation experiencing the following challenges?

  • Has your Lost Time Injury (LTI) rate plateaued or spiked recently?
  • Are your repeatedly seeing evidence of staff taking shortcuts or work-arounds?
  • Are you concerned about risky behaviour and unsafe habits and your organisations’ capacity to manage error?
  • Are you struggling to effectively identify indicators of safety performance for your reporting mechanisms?
  • Have you had a major accident recently and need some independent advice about how best to meet obligations imposed by industry or safety regulators?
  • Are you about to undergo major change (such as downsizing, expansion, outsourcing services etc.) and want to ensure that a robust Risk Management process is in place?

If any of the challenges described above are relevant to your organisation, then you may want to consider professional safety Coaching Services our experienced staff at First Aid Training Group.

Our Safety Coaching Team

Our Safety Coaching Team has extensive professional experience in Workplace Safety Auditing – Specialists in the field and all with REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Our lead auditor has over 18 Years experience as a Senior Worksafe Inspector!


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