Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Semi-automatic Defibrillator Kit (Full-Colour Video Screen)


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Defibrillators Save Lives !!


The Lifeline VIEW makes it easy for anyone — from first responders to untrained bystanders — to respond confidently and appropriately during an emergency. This revolutionary life-saving device combines a sleek, user-friendly design with military-grade specifications—including the most proven biphasic waveform that automatically adjusts the shock delivery to the person’s individual needs.

It’s also the first and only AED with a full-colour interactive display that shows step-by-step videos for performing CPR, rescue breathing and external defibrillation.

You can also be confident that the device will be easy tomaintain andrescue ready. The Lifeline VIEW provides clear guidance for using and maintaining the device. Additionally, it has been designed to support upgrades and enhancements.

For first response professionals like Police, Fire and Ambulance personnel, the Lifeline VIEW is standard equipment. For schools, offices, shopping centres, factories, and public places, a Lifeline defibrillator is as vital as a fire extinguisher.

Defibtech defibrillators are of the highest quality, rugged and highly rated against dust and water ingress and as such, are used by organisations such as the Australian Federal Police, Royal Australian Navy (installed on all Navy ships), Bondi Rescue and Queensland Ambulance Service to name a few.

Kit includes;

  • Defibtech Lifeline VIEW Semi-automatic Defibrillator
  • Adult Pads
  • 4 year Battery
  • Durable Soft Carry Case
  • User’s Manual
  • Quick Use Card
  • Bonus Rescue Kit

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