Modular Survival Bites & Stings Refill Module


  • Replacement module for Modular Survival kit
  • Durable soft pack case
  • TGA registered no. 128314
  • Save time and hassle when replenishing
  • Contains essential bites and stings treatments

Utilise this Modular Survival™ Bites & Stings refill module to make replenishing your Modular Survival™ first aid kit fast and easy.

Simply replace your depleted or expired module to ensure your first aid kit is ready to go.

Packed in a zippered colour coded and water-resistant soft pack with that includes Velcro on the reverse for attaching to your Modular Survival™ first aid kit.

Contents tailored to treat common bites and stings injuries and are TGA registered and hospital grade quality for peace of mind.

1 x Afterbite Itch Eraser, 14ml
5 x Bites & Stings Relief Wipe
2 x Heavy Crepe Bandage, 10cm
1 x Instant Cold Pack, Standard
1 x Magnifying Glass, Pocket Size
1 x Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Large Pair
1 x Snake and Spider Bite Guide
1 x Tick Remover, Plastic
1 x Triangular Bandage, Cotton
5 x Wound Wipe, Non-sting Wipe

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