R1 Emergency Breakdown First Aid Kit, Soft Pack


  • Yellow easy-to-clean PVC soft pack
  • Tough water-resistant fabric
  • TGA registered no. 128314
  • Compliant for 1-10 persons vehicles
  • Ideal breakdown kit with emergency warning triangle

Compliant with the current WHS regulations for 1-10 persons in a work vehicle, the R1 Emergency Breakdown™ kit ensures peace of mind knowing you exceed compliance requirements.

Loaded with essential TGA registered quality hospital grade extras including splinter probes, hydrogel burn gel, saline eye wash, instant ice pack, this first aid kit has a wide range of first aid essentials to treat common injuries sustained in the vehicle environment.

Also includes valuable extras such as a Snake & Spider Bite Treatment Guide along with treatments, safety vest, poncho, wind-up torch, whistle with a compass and a groundsheet to ensure you stay clean whilst attending to your vehicle.

Unique colour coded contents make locating the right item in an emergency faster and easier.

Packed in an easy-to-clean PVC soft pack, this kit has internal compartments to assist with contents organisation ensuring you are ready to respond.

1 x Accident Report Notebook With Pencil
50 x Adhesive Strips, Plastic, 72 x 19mm
4 x Alcohol Wipe, Sachet
1 x Cold Pack, Instant, Large
1 x Conforming Bandage, 5cm, White
1 x Conforming Bandage, 7.5cm, White
60 x Cotton Balls
1 x CPR Guide
2 x Crepe Bandage, Heavy Weight, 10cm, Brown
2 x Disposable Gloves, 2pk
1 x Emergency First Aid Information Booklet
1 x Emergency Shock Blanket
2 x Eye Pad
2 x Eye Wash Solution, 30ml Ampoule
2 x Gauze Swab, 7.5 x 7.5cm, 5pk
1 x Groundsheet, 100 x 75cm
1 x Hydrogel Burns Gel, 3.5g Sachet
1 x Non-Adherent Dressing, 20 x 10cm, Sterile
2 x Non-Adherent Dressing, 10 x 7.5cm, Sterile
2 x Non-Adherent Dressing, 5 x 5cm, Sterile
1 x Paper Tape, Hypoallergenic, 2.5cm
1 x Plastic Bag, Resealable, Large
1 x Plastic Bag, Resealable, Medium
1 x Plastic Bag, Resealable, Small
1 x Poncho, Adult Size
2 x Povidone Iodine Swabs
1 x Resuscitation Face Shield, Disposable With Non-Return Valve
12 x Safety Pins, Assorted
1 x Safety Vest, Hi-vis, With Reflective Tape, Lime
1 x Scissors, Stainless Steel, 12.5cm
1 x Snake ‘N’ Spider Bite Information Booklet
1 x Splinter Forceps, Stainless Steel, 12.5cm
5 x Splinter Probe, Disposable
1 x Torch, Wind-up
2 x Triangular Bandage, Cotton, Large, White
1 x Warning Triangle
1 x Whistle
2 x Wound Cleansing Wipe, Non-sting, Sachet
5 x Wound Closure Strips, 3 x 75mm
1 x Wound Dressing, No.14, Sterile

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