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Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing in Melbourne and greater Victoria

Firstly, the First Aid Training Group provides onsite drug and alcohol testing to a range of large and small businesses Australia-wide.

Furthermore, we can also offer a ‘drop-in’ drug and alcohol testing service at an external location. For individual testing of those employees requiring written clearance before going on-site.

Our Nationally Accredited professional Drug and Alcohol Screening Officers are available ongoing.  As a result, they test factory workers, mining site employees, construction workers, truck drivers, airport staff and all other staff in safety-sensitive roles.

Secondly, we offer our highly professional drug and alcohol testing service in Ballarat, Bendigo, Geelong, Horsham, Melbourne, Warrnambool and across Victoria!

Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing

Our Testers

Above all, our testers are healthcare professionals I.e. Paramedics,
Emergency First Responders, Nurses – Specialists in the field and all with REAL-LIFE EXPERIENCE!

Drug and Alcohol Testing Service

  • Firstly, we are vailable Australia-wide.
  • Secondly, 24/7 testing.
  • Testing is available for pre-employment, random testing, blanket testing, for cause testing and incident testing
  • Onsite urine testing for the 5 drugs listed under AS/NZS4308:2008 (Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Benzodiazepines (prescription drugs). Marijuana (THC) with the addition of synthetic Marijuana.
  • Onsite oral (saliva) testing for 5 drugs listed under AS4760:2006. I.e. Opiates, Cocaine, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, Marijuana (THC) with the addition of synthetic Marijuana.
  • Instant results (only 2 – 3 minutes) and paperwork provided on the day of testing!
  • Written report provided for all positive laboratory results
  • Both male and female testing staff available to suit your requirements
  • Finally, Policy assistance, implementation and guidance on regulations

Our Qualifications

Furthermore, our professional and sensitive testing staff are all Nationally Accredited Drug Screening Officers. Under the latest Australian Standards AS/NZS4308:2008 & AS4760:2006. 

They have completed a comprehensive pathology training course in the exact procedure to follow under the Australian Standards. Therefore, you can be assured that if any of your staff legally challenge the results, our procedure will not be questioned.

How long does it take to perform the testing?

What is more, the products used by First Aid Training Group are the latest in drug and alcohol testing products. Available and utilise quick wicking technology. Which means we get the results rapidly on-the-spot. The testing times below include completion of all paperwork and performing the drug screening test;

  • Onsite oral testing takes an average of 7.5 minutes per person
  • Onsite urine testing takes an average of 10 minutes per person
  • Alcohol breathalyser testing takes an additional 1 minute!

How often should we perform testing on our staff?

Not to mention, the aims of drug and alcohol screening in a workplace is to minimise/eliminate the presence of drugs and alcohol in the work environment. Hence, we recommend testing 25-50% of all staff in the initial 3-6 months. You will then be able to gauge the level of drug and alcohol use present in the workplace and devise a testing schedule to suit.

To tell the truth, the aim is to eventually eliminate drug and alcohol use in Melbourne and beyond to provide a safe, drug-free working environment for all employees.

Our Laboratory

In conclusion, the laboratory we use is NATA certified to the latest testing protocols so you can be assured of quality confirmatory testing.