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You can make a difference!

You can make a difference

Since 80% of cardiac arrests happen at home, it’s hard to believe that only 1 in 10 people who suffer an out of hospital cardiac arrest will survive.  There are a range of factors that will lead to this outcome but there is one thing that  you can do to try and change these outcomes. 

Today is Restart a Heart Day. Hosted by the Council of Ambulance Authorities – Australasia and a range of Ambulance services in Australia and New Zealand, this important day raises the importance of learning CPR.

It is never too late to learn CPR.  Students in high school can get a full understanding of what is require to save a life.  Kids in primary school can learn the importance of calling Triple Zero for assistance.

Right now, there is a live event streaming at where you can watch a presentation of CPR being delivered by Ambulance Tasmania until 3pm EDST.

Every second counts in saving a life and the message is very simple…




“We know that for every minute that your heart is not pushing oxygen around your body and to your brain the chances of survival drop by 10%. Around the 10-minute mark the damage to your brain is nearly irreversible.” – CAA Restart a Heart Day material, 2020

How can you help?

Learn CPR by joining a class.  Encourage your workplace to get as many staff trained as they can.

CPR only looks scary if you don’t know what do to.  Attending training takes the stress out of the event by giving you the knowledge and skills to take action to save a life.


Book into a first aid course today.

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